Our core service at American Biomedical Corporation is the worldwide support of all types of medical laser systems. 

Our company's leadership began working with lasers in 1981 and leverage decades of experience in the laser industry for our customers.

We provide customers with superior technical support as well as clinical in-service and laser safety training.

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  • Real time clinical support

  • Real time technical support

  • Safety assessment

  • Risk management

  • New product development

  • Clinical research support


     Our research and development department in association with our manufacturing partners allow us unique access to some of the latest developments in laser medicine research.

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Why Choose Us?

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     A customer install base of more than 3500 laser systems in hospitals, surgery centers and doctor's offices around the world allows our staff access to the latest feedback and opinions from top medical personnel and facilities.

     Experience in military, scientific, astronomy and medicine provides our customers unique access to the most diversified laser engineering and technical staff available.